When you see this letter

When you see this letter,

I might be in sleep forever

But don’t bother to feel alone

I will be always there for you

Like a trees cast long shadows.

Never feel depressed,

Because I will be there to cheer you up.

Never shed tears for me,

Because I will crave for those lovely eyes

When you feel like touching me,

Open the northern windows

Let the wind blew out all the deemed lights

Close your eyes and feel the breeze

Smell the darkest night

I am right there; in the atmosphere

And remember,

When we used to be hang together for nothing

When we had good time together

When we used to suck in each other’s pain

And kiss restlessly on lops or forehead

With love and care!

Close your eyes baby,

You will find me right next to your shoulder

Just close your eyes…

Don’t let them open

And feel me with deepest desire.