If I survive in this journey,
I will gaze at the world through;
your eyes.
Left evil,
All the best elements of the human inner will search
I will kneel in gratitude and say everything from
What you-your world gave to me;
at sunset!
If I Survive in this journey,
I will Ignore eternal combustion
Blood, sweat, not tears,
In the geometric design of an Artist
I will draw a simple picture on the chest of the sky.
All the mystery behind the button
The air will absorb in freedom.
If I survive in this journey,
I will trample on Plato’s philosophy
and write cheap poetry beyond reason
Existence is not metaphysics,
I will look at the dewy leaves in the morning mist;
The naughtiness of water particles.
If I survive in this journey,
There will be love!
Only love
You, me, will kiss our hearts
Healing wounds of the soul from complications
In the soft, gentle desert grass;
We will exchange love
Surviving this journey,
Only love will be stale.